Plumbing Repair in Martinez, CA

Plumbing Repair

Call Us for Plumbing Repair!

Is your house in need of plumbing repair in Martinez, CA? Warranted Plumbing Services is the place to call if you require the best plumbing repairs. We are the local experts in this area, who have been delivering fast, reliable, and skillful plumbing repairs for several years. We not only provide plumbing repair service, our plumbing contractors can also install and replace a wide range of plumbing pipes, pumps, and systems. Dial (925) 526-6230 to contact our plumbing team about scheduling an appointment.

Clogged Drain Cleaning

Clogged Drain Cleaning

Clogged Drain Cleaning; Sink, Toilet, Bathtub

We Offer Drain Cleaning for Clogged Drains.

Blockages can happen in many distinct ways in your kitchen and your bathroom. Soap, food, and hair going down the drain are some of the most frequent culprits of clogs. If you are experiencing frustrating clogs causing slow bathtub and sink draining, contact us for assistance. To remove blockages for good, we offer our clients clogged drain cleaning services. We utilize hydro jetting in order to clear out your clogs and make sure they don’t return.

Emergency Repair

Emergency Plumbing Repair

Emergency Plumbing Repair

Quick and Reliable Emergency Plumbing Repairs.

For those occasions that you need emergency plumbing repair in Martinez, CA, Warranted Plumbing Services is here to assist you. Because leaks in broken pipes or sewer clogs can happen at any moment, it’s important to have the assistance of somebody you can rely on. Know that when you are dealing with plumbing issues, our plumbing contractors will be there to help. Get emergency plumbing repair now by calling our plumbing contractors at (925) 526-6230.

  • Burst / Frozen Pipe Repair If a plumbing pipe in your home has frozen and burst, contact Warranted Plumbing Services for repair service.
  • Burst Water Pipe A burst water pipe can occur for many reasons, but our plumbers can repair them regardless of the situation.
  • Busted, Rusted & Broken Pipe Repair / Replacement Regardless of how your pipe become damaged, our licensed plumbing contractors are able to either repair or replace it with a new pipe.
  • Leak Repair If there is a leak in your toilet or a leak in your pipe, know that our plumbers are able to take care of it.
  • Slab Leak Repair Do you believe there is a slab leak in your residence? Contact us today for slab leak detection and slab leak repair service.

Plumbing Repairs

Trenchless Plumbing Repair

Trenchless Plumbing Repair

We Use Non-Invasive Trenchless Plumbing Methods.

Plumbing pipes in the past were repaired or replaced by digging up an a whole yard to get to the pipes. Fortunately, there are better ways to repair and replace pipes now that we have advanced in plumbing. We use a non-invasive method to repair and replace pipes called trenchless plumbing. To get trenchless plumbing repair for your Martinez, CA home, call our plumbing contractors at (925) 526-6230.

  • Trenchless Pipe Bursting A successful way to repair or replace your pipes without tunneling to the damaged pipe is with trenchless pipe bursting.
  • Trenchless Pipe Relining We can retain the older plumbing pipe and utilize trenchless pipe relining to ensure your pipes are in great condition.
  • Trenchless Sewer Line Repair If you are needing sewer line repair service for your house, our plumbing company can provide trenchless sewer line repair.
  • Trenchless Water Line Repair To make sure that your water line is repaired successfully, our plumbing contractors will use trenchless water line repair.

Gas Leaks

Gas Leak Repairs

Gas Leak Repair

Get Gas Leak Repair Through Our Experts.

Gas is a really effective and safe fuel for houses, but can be very unsafe if a leak emerges. A gas leak is very dangerous as they can prompt carbon monoxide poisoning, explosions, and fires. Because they are very high-risk to you and your house, if you think you have a gas leak, please contact us for gas leak repair. This is the kind of plumbing repair in Martinez, CA can save you and your home.

  • Gas Leak Detection To determine if gas leak repair is required, we are able to conduct a gas leak detection.
  • Gas Line Installation Regardless if you are adding on to your house or must replace existing gas lines, our plumbing contractors can help with our gas line installation service.
  • Gas Line Pressure Testing One approach to ensure that your gas lines aren’t leaking and are in good shape is with gas line tests.


Plumbing Camera Inspection

Plumbing Camera Inspection

Plumbing Video Inspections Ensure We Find the Issue.

Plumbing video inspection cameras have got to be one of the best tools in the plumbing industry. Not only can we see where leaks and blockages are in plumbing pipes and systems, but our plumbers can detect precisely where it is with a plumbing video inspection camera. Our plumbers never have to guess where a plumbing issue is since the camera does all of the hard work. Receive expert plumbing repair in Martinez, CA by calling our plumbing company.

  • Main Line Plumbing Repair Need repair service for your main line plumbing system? Call our plumbers!
  • Main Water Line Repairs Guarantee your main water line plumbing system is in great condition with our main water line repairs.
  • Repiping With repiping service, our plumbing contractors don’t have to repipe all of your plumbing pipes; we will just repair the areas of the pipes that are damaged.
  • Whole House Repiping To replace each of the plumbing pipes in your home promptly and professionally, our plumbers can perform whole house repiping.