Recirculating Pump Services

Recirculating Pump

A Recirculating Pump Ensures You Get the Hot Water You Want without Wasting Water.

If you have a water heater, but it feels like it’s still taking a bit for the water to get warm, contemplate installing a recirculating pump. Does it take a long time for your bath to become hot? That is liters of water wasted as you wait for the warm water. A recirculating pump reuses water from the hot water lines back into the water heater to be reheated instead of being flushed down the drain while you wait for the water to warm. If you need a hot water recirculating pump for your residence in Pittsburg, CA, phone Warranted Plumbing Services at (925) 526-6230 now.

What is a Recirculation Pump?

There are various makes of recirculating pump units: gravity fed, traditional recirculating pump, instant, hydronic closed, open, and on-demand recirculating pump. Every system has its pros and cons, so read on to discover which unit would work best with your plumbing, budget, and water heater.

  • Gravity Fed: Gravity fed pumps keep hot water at the peak of the tank so it is immediately available for use.
  • Traditional: A dedicated return line for warm water pipes that moves all the way from the water heater to the furthest tap.
  • Instant: Forces water into the cold tap line, creating a continuous cycle of warm water so there is hot water in all plumbing appliances taps if needed.
  • Hydronic: Connected to the boiler and functioning as a whole house radiator, closed pumps are installed as heated floors and refills the hot water by sending moisture from the air back into the boiler.
  • Hot Water: As the original recirculation pump system, it is linked to the main water line through the water heater.
  • On-Demand Recirculating Pump: The on-demand pump uses the least amount of energy and saves the most water since the pump is activated by a switch. It is programmed to switches down when the motion sensor detects that warm water has gotten to the tap.

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Get Hot Water Quicker

Recirculating pumps are great for homes with traditional tank water heaters because water that sits in the tank gets cold over time. A pump is not needed for a tankless water heater as hot water is created when needed. Pipes have a lesser chance of freezing since the recirculating pump is continuously flowing warm water through them. Call (925) 526-6230 and contact one of our plumbers at Warranted Plumbing Services about getting recirculating pump installation in Pittsburg, CA. We are the plumbing company to call when you need repairs or installation for plumbing pumps.